本族譜將會在互聯网發行, 希望各位親友繼續支持, 提供更多的資料.希望我們能學習我們的祖先的奮斗精神,將徐氏家族發揚光大,為社會和人類的發展貢獻力量.

This family tree was developed at the request of Justin Sew Hoy and other family members, who wanted to build a complete genealogy of Choie Sew Hoy's descendants. We gathered some information ourselves and many family members have given us help.

We know there will be errors and gaps. We are relying on everyone who reads this to send us the facts we don't have.

You can send corrections and additions to any of these site managers:

Justin SEW HOY (P49 G31):

Mike CHUI (P39 G32):

Trevor & Jenny AGNEW (P33 G32):

Steve EVANS (P68 G31):

Wayne CHUI (P37 G32):

Jason SEW HOY (P50 G32):


We need more facts and we need more people's stories.

We Need Facts:

* Names, especially women's names.

* Correct spellings, with Chinese characters and/or Roman alphabet versions.

* Dates for births, deaths and marriages.

* Locations of births, deaths and marriages.

* Family contact details: mail address, phone number, e-mail.

We Need People's Stories:

Think of your parents and grandparents. Now is the time to record their story:

* Dates, birthplace?

* Where were they brought up? Where were they educated?

* What did they do for a living? Where? Any special interests?

* Did they travel, change countries, make special visits?

* Military service? Clubs and voluntary groups?

* What was their proudest achievement?

* What stories do family members recall about them?

* Are there photographs? Can you provide names and dates?

Interview family members who are still living. Talk to surviving relatives and friends. Do you have letters, certificates or wedding invitations that contain information?

Family photographs are important. Make sure names, dates and places are included.

When you have gathered your materials and written your relative story, show it to your own family and see if they can add to it.

Then send either of us a copy, please:

Trevor Agnew

30 Grassmere St


Christchurch 5

New Zealand

Justin Sew Hoy

1/638 Manukau Road,

Epsom, Auckland

New Zealand

徐永烽 Mike Chui

22 Office Road


Christchurch 8014

New Zealand

We would like to thank all the family members who supplied the infomation and pictures which made this family tree possibbe.

Choie Wing Yui (1924-1994) supplied much of the early history.

Wing Chan Chui and Wayne Chui gave valuable assistance and financed the printing and production of this book.

Mike Chui used his computer skills to create this family tree and enter all the infomation in both Chinese and English.

Trevor Agnew and Jenny Agnew (nee Sew Hoy) worked on the English text and helped with research, including the location of a missing branch of the family tree.

Justin Sew Hoy worked on the Chinese text, provide many pictures supplied more family infomation and was also the moving force behind the project.

Tsui Jun Hang translated the English text into Chinese.

本族譜能夠順利完成, 有賴我族成員鼎力支持,在此致以衷心感謝.

在這里要特別感謝已故徐穎儒提供本族早期的資料,徐永贊 徐穎錢 大力資助本族譜的印刷費用.


策划: 徐鎮鈿

資料收集: 徐鎮鈿,徐寶荷,Trevor Agnew, 徐永烽

編稿: 徐寶荷,Trevor Agnew

翻譯: 徐鎮衡

排版: 徐永烽