Born : 1895

In : Dunedin

Father : Choie Sew Hoy

Mother : Eliza Prescott

Henry William Kum Loon [Golden Dragon] Sew Hoy, was born in Dunedin on 21 October 1895, the only son of Choie Sew Hoy and Eliza Prescott. After attending Selwyn College, an Anglican private school, he went to Australia and worked as a boundary rider on a South Australian sheep station for seven years. Returning to Otago in 1914, Henry, known to his friends as Harry, spent the rest of his life in Queenstown, first as a garage proprietor and then as a clock and watch repairer. He also carried out gold mining at Bushey Creek in the 1920s and 30s.

In 1917, Henry Sew Hoy married Gladys Dunlop, a school teacher from Invercargill and they had four children William (born 1917), Daphne (1919), Roger (1924) and Valerie (1927).

In 1944 Henry was the highest-polling Queenstown Borough Councillor, and so became the Deputy Mayor of Queenstown. In 1966, he granted his water rights in Bushey Creek and Five-Mile Creek to Queenstown, so that to this day the people of Queenstown drink Sew Hoy water. Henry Sew Hoy died in Queenstown on 16th August 1970.

Henry Sew Hoy, 1895-1970

Henry Sew Hoy, 1900

徐金龍 (Henry William Kum Loon [Golden Dragon] Sew Hoy, 1895-1970) 父徐肇開、母 Eliza Prescott、生於 Dunedin,為他們兩人獨子他就讀於聖公會 Selwyn College私校,畢業後於南澳洲牧場做了七年牧羊人,1914年回紐西蘭Otago , 人皆以Harry稱之。他大半生居住於世界著名風景區皇后鎮(Queenstown),經營車房及修理鐘錶生意,在1920至1930年時他在Bushey Creek開採金礦。

1917年金龍娶 Invercargill教師Gladys Dunlop為妻,並生有4 子女。

1944 年他以最高票數當選 Queenstown 區議員,並成為副市長。1966年他批准Bushey Creek and Five-Mile Creek 水源流向Queenstown, 如今Queenstown居民仍飲用 Sew Hoy 水.