Violet Eliza Camelia Kum Fon [Golden Phoenix] Sew Hoy, was born on 6 July 1892 in Dunedin, the only daughter of Choie Sew Hoy and Eliza Prescott. Her father friend, the historian Dr Thomas Hocken, was her godfather. She was educated at St Hilda's College, an Anglican private school in Dunedin, where she became the Dux (the student with the highest marks).

Violet was noted for her charm and beauty and was an accomplished pianist. In 1911 she married John (Sonny) Trengrove, who was one of the founders of the Trengrove & Barton butcher business in Manse Street, and later owned the Grand Excelsior and European Hotels in Dunedin. They had two children Iris Margaret Trengrove (born 8 June 1912) and Audrey Lilian Trengrove (born 23 November 1914) before being divorced.

Violet then married Maitland William Hoggan (1900-1962) in 1922. They had two children, William Maitland Hoggan (born 5 September 1923) and Anita Nancy Hoggan (born 11 Sep 1927).

When Maitland Hoggan abandoned her, shortly after the birth of Nancy, Violet had to raise her children by herself, a major effort during the Great Depression of the 1930s but she ensured they were well looked after and educated. Her descendants include three doctors, a musician, and an RAF squadron-leader.

Violet died on 24 Feb 1972 in Christchurch, aged 79.

徐金鳳 Violet Eliza Kum Fon Sew Hoy, 1892-1972

Violet with Audrey Lilian on her knee and Iris Margaret Mcmillan standing


Violet and John

徐金鳳 (Violet Eliza Camelia Kum Fon Sew Hoy, 1892-1972) 父徐肇開、母 Eliza Prescott、生於Dunedin 新西蘭,為兩人獨女。歷史學系教授 DR. Thomas Hocken乃其誼父。她以考獲第一名成績畢業於 Dunedin 聖公會 St Hilda's College。

金鳳艷名遠播,亦是一位出色鋼琴家。1911年與 John (Sonny)Trengrove結婚、其夫乃 Trengrove & Barton 豬肉批發商創辦人之一,並擁有 Grand Excelsior and European Hotels in Dunedin。他們育有兩女。長女名Iris Margaret Trengrove (生於8-6- 912) 次女名 Audrey Lilian Trengrove (生於23-11-1914)。

1922 年金鳳再嫁,夫為Maitland William Hoggan (1900-1962) 生有兩子女。長子名 William Maitland Hoggan (出生於5-9-1923) 次女名Anita Nancy Hoggan (出生於11-9-1927)

次女Nancy 出生不久,金鳳遭其夫 Maitland 拋棄。當時適逢1930年世界經濟不景,堅強的她,不畏貧困、 不畏艱難,獨力撫養其子女成材。其人成就卓著,有三人為醫生、一人 音樂家、一人為 RAF 空軍大隊 。

金鳳於1972年二月在 Christchurch 逝世, 終年七十九歲。